The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush

1925 1 hr 35 min

Charlie Chaplin cements his beloved Tramp character in this memorable silent comedy as he hopes to make a fortune in the Klondike gold rush while discovering romance along the way. Shot partly on location in the Sierra Nevada, THE GOLD RUSH is an indelible comedic masterwork featuring such memorable gags as Chaplin’s dance of the dinner rolls. Presented in a new restoration of the original 1925 silent.

About the Fashion: Chaplin has stated that he created the Tramp’s outfit based on a collage of mismatched pieces such as baggy pants, a tight coat, oversized shoes, and a small bowler hat This hodgepodge of clothing playfully blurs gender and class divisions and has inspired the mix-and-match style of tomboy-chic in the 100 years since it was featured on-screen. In silhouette form, the Tramp’s costume is one of the most instantly recognizable screen images in the world. Register here ››

Director Charles Chaplin

Cast Charles Chaplin

Country USA

Language Silent

Aspect Ratio 1.33

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The Gold Rush
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