Show Her the Money

Show Her the Money

1 hr 24 min

This is a story that's never been told. Show Her The Money addresses how women are getting less than 2% of venture capital funding and demystifies what venture capital is. Featuring rock-star female investors who invest in diverse women entrepreneurs with innovations that will change the world, Show Her The Money reminds us that money is power and women need it to achieve true equality. The film follows four visionary founders as they endure uphill battles to turn their ideas into reality. In spite of their dedication and passion constantly being challenged, these women, with the financial support and mentorship of their angel investors, become even more determined, resourceful and resilient, and the growth of their businesses is mind-blowing. Each business has the potential to become a “unicorn” … a billion dollar business. 

Director Ky Dickens

Country USA

Language English

Aspect Ratio 1.85

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Show Her the Money
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Sat Jul 20
9:30 AM
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