Son of Godzilla

Son of Godzilla

1967 1 hr 24 min


Bring your littlest Godzilla fans to cheer on their favorite monster on our big screen! In this eighth film from the beloved Toho kaiju series, Godzilla must protect his baby son, who hatches on Monster Island in the midst of a weather experiment gone wrong that creates a radioactive storm and insects of mammoth proportions. Filled with giant monster battles, an impressive musical score, and tons of laughs that fans of all ages can enjoy. We will be presenting SON OF GODZILLA in the English dub, so non-readers can get in on the fun. $5 for Kids and Adults; FREE for Members.

Director Jun Fukuda

Country Japan

Language English

Aspect Ratio 2.35

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Son of Godzilla
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Sat Apr 6
10:00 AM
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