Art House Tales are short talks about different Art House Theaters. Each speaker presents 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. That’s 6 mins 40 secs about each theater. Hear and see how these theaters got started and about the people who make them run. (They were recorded "live" at the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Art House Convergences.)

2017 Pt 12017 Pt 22017 Philadelphia
Regional Seminar

2016 Pt 12016 Pt 22015Music Remixes

2017 Part 1

Although the audio of the 2017 Art House Tales is perfectly listenable, it is not actually perfect.
We pledge that next year the recorded sound will be up to our usual standard of transcendent perfection.

Kirsten Van Vlandren
Colonial Theatre
Phoenixville, PA
Ryan Oestreich
Music Box Theatre
Chicago, IL
Edie Demas
Jacob Burns Film Center
Pleasantville, NY
Clark Wiens
Circle Cinema
Tulsa, OK
Corinne Lea
Rio Theatre
Vancouver, BC
Richard Paradise
Matha's Vineyard
Film Society

Martha's Vineyard, MA
Mike Steinberg
Roxy Theater
Missoula, MT

2017 Part 2

Susie Purves
Pickford Film Center
Bellingham, WA
Ellie Mednick
Lark Theater
Larkspur, CA
Lesli Klainberg
Film Society
of Lincoln Center

New York City, NY
Ryan Hill
The ArtsQuest Center
at Steel Stacks

Bethlehem, PA
Paula Guthat
Cinema Detroit
Detroit, MI
Steven Krams
Coral Gables Art Cinema
Miami, FL
Tim League
Alamo Drafthouse
Brooklyn, NY

2016 Part 1

Kathy Tallman
Coolidge Corner Theatre
Brookline, MA
Andy Smith
Nickelodeon Theatre
Columbia, SC
Collette Costa
Gold Town Theater
Juneau, AK
Matthew Helmerich
Tropic Cinema
Key West, FL
Stephanie Silverman
Belcourt Theatre
Nashville, TN
Barak Epstein
Texas Theatre
Dallas, TX
Mark Fishkin
California Film Institute
San Rafael, CA

2016 Part 2

Andrew Douglas
Bryn Mawr Film Institute
Bryn Mawr, PA
Mike Stevens
Moxie Cinema
Springfield, MO
Tori Baker
Salt Lake Film Society
Salt Lake City, UT
Greg Laemmle
Laemmle Theatres
Los Angeles, CA
Taylour Chang
Doris Duke Theatre
Honolulu Museum of Art
Honolulu, HI
Carl Spence
SIFF Cinema
Seattle, WA
Russ Collins, Barbara Twist
Sultan Sharrief, Ruth Lednicer
Michigan Theater
Ann Arbor, MI


Doug Whyte
Hollywood Theatre
Portland, OR
Peggy Johnson
Loft Cinema
Tucson, AZ
Landee Bryant-Greene
Maiden Alley Cinema
Paducah, KY
Jon Vickers
Indiana University Cinema
Bloomington, IN
Lawren Desai
a/perture cinema
Winston-Salem, NC
John Toner
Renew Theaters
Philadelphia, PA
Dylan Skolnick
Cinema Arts Centre
Huntington, NY

Carol Johnson
Amherst Cinema
Amherst, MA
Marc Allenby
Picturehouse Cinemas
London, UK

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